My Other Models

A lot times when I am home and not out shooting sessions, you can find me on the couch with my husband or traveling. But when I really get the urge to use my camera and don’t have any nearby models, I use my pets. So let me introduce them to you!


Mae is our rescue pup from the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana. She was dumped with her mom and a litter of puppies. Mae was the runt of the litter and little did we know how big she would get. She is full of energy and enjoys spending time on the couch and in the backyard with her small pool. She definitely keeps us on our toes. We are so thankful for the Humane Society for blessing us with this fun, crazy girl.


Chaco is one of our cats who was dumped in a parking lot in Shreveport, LA in the middle of the summer. He is also full of energy and loves to play chase with Mae. Chaco isn’t your normal kitty cat. He likes to play fetch and will have a conversation with you making him very social.


Boots is our second cat and was also rescued from the streets. He came to us from Minden, LA. Boots was rescued while I was in college and I have had him the longest. He is a big baby, but does not like people very much. Boots spends his days in our screened in porch soaking up the sun and watching birds.

If you read this far, thanks for reading all about my pets! The main thing to take away from this short blurb is that rescues are the best. Rescue on!



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